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 Visa® Business Debit Card

Taking care of business was never easier!

We are pleased to offer the Independence Bank Visa® Business Debit Card to our valued business customers.  With the addition of the Visa® Business Debit Card, we give our business account holders and their authorized employees the opportunity to conveniently access funds in their business checking accounts.  Each card has a two-line name embossment which allows for both the business name and the owner or employee name to be on the card.  Cardholders may use the card to make purchases anywhere Visa® Cards are accepted, with the amount automatically deducted from the designated business checking account. In addition, the Independence Bank Visa® Business Debit Card doubles as your business ATM card.  Best of all, there are no annual fees or finance charges*.

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The Independence Bank Visa® Business Debit Card gives businesses and their employee’s significant advantages in terms of convenience and acceptance compared to traditional business checks.  As the business owner, you decide which employees are authorized to have a business debit card and you set the purchase and cash withdrawl limits.  Your monthly statement provides a detailed description of all debit card activity, or if you prefer to track your debit card purchases more frequently, you can use our on-line banking services.

Some features of your Visa® Business Debit Card:

  • Free!  There are no annual or monthly fees
  • No transaction fees when used at a merchant in the United States or an Independence Bank ATM
  • ISA Fee: We charge up to 1% of the transaction amount in U.S. dollars for international transactions
  • Easy to use
  • Saves time when making purchases
  • Get cash back with selected merchants
  • All purchases and ATM transactions detailed on your monthly checking statement
  • When you need cash, you can use your Independence Bank Visa® Business Debit Card at any ATM, especially convenient when traveling.

Please stop in and visit with one of our New Account Representatives to find out more about the new Independence Bank Visa® Business Debit Card and how it can work for your business.

To report a lost or stolen Independence Bank Visa® Business Debit Card:

800-823-2274 (during business hours) or your Independence Bank Branch
800-472-3272 (after business hours)

* ATM’s not owned by Independence Bank may impose a transaction fee.