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IB Mobile Banking allows you to manage your money wherever you are. If you have a smartphone or tablet, your ability to check account balances and transaction history, transfer funds, pay bills, and deposit money is literally in the palm of your hand.

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IB Mobile Apps

Download the IB App to your smartphone or tablet and immediately access your account information, pay your bills, transfer funds, or even make a deposit.

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Stay on top of your finances with IB Alerts in Online Banking! IB Alerts allows you to customize your account alerts so you can follow the account activity that is important to you, such as automatic payments and deposits. You can set up your account alerts by logging into Online or Mobile Banking and clicking More and then clicking Alerts. You will enjoy personalized account tracking and peace of mind 24/7. 

IB Alerts allows you to:

  • Monitor account balances and activity
  • Get deposit and withdrawal notifications
  • Control security alerts
  • And much more

Independence Bank does not charge for this service; however, message and data rates through your carrier may apply.

Watch the video below to learn how to enable IB Alerts on the mobile app.

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Mobile Banking Security

  • 128 Bit Encryption
  • Your login information is not stored on the device
  • Automatic inactivity logout
  • Your account numbers are masked
  • The same security you expect with Online Banking

Additional Security tips:

We recommend that you set up a password or PIN on your phone for additional security in the event your phone is lost or stolen. Never share your password or PIN with anyone.

  • Always keep your mobile software up to date.
  • Do not respond to text messages or emails requesting personal information.
  • Do not click on any links within emails or text messages requesting personal information.
  • Do not download files or click on attachments. Always check with the respective party to see if they sent you something or go to the Company’s website using another device to check the information.

Please note that Independence Bank will never request that you verify information about your account or provide personal information via text message, email, phone, or voicemail. If you receive such a message or have any questions about any information requested from Independence Bank, please contact us immediately.

Mobile Banking FAQ

Still have questions about Mobile Banking? Please see below for our most frequently asked questions.

If you still need assistance, please contact us or stop by a location near you.


Mobile Banking FAQs

Is Mobile Banking secure?

Independence Bank is committed to the safety and privacy of your information and only employs industry best practices with regards to security. To ensure the security of your account information, a number of features have been built into the Mobile Banking services:

No Identifiable Information - Texts from Independence Bank never include any personally identifiable information, such as your full account number, email address, or mobile number. Your Access ID and Password will never be included in any of the text messages you receive from Independence Bank.

Secure Login - Mobile Banking via Mobile Banking Web and the Mobile Banking App require a secure login for access. No one is able to access your account information without knowing your unique username and password.

Data Encryption - For your protection, only limited information (such as your account nicknames and cached balances) is stored locally on your mobile device. All of your account data resides at your bank - just as with your Online Banking. All data placed into local storage on the mobile device is encrypted before it is stored - and it is only accessible with your PIN. This ensures that if your mobile device is lost or stolen, the data stored by the mobile application in local storage is unreadable.

Is my personal or financial information stored on my phone?

No. Mobile Banking does not save any files with personal or financial information on your mobile device. That information stays strictly within online banking. Some phones (e.g., BlackBerry, Android) have logo and branding files that are copied to the mobile device. Those files do not contain any personally identifiable information.

Which accounts can I access using Mobile Banking?

You can access any account you have set up in online banking. You select which accounts you want to access using Mobile Banking during the enrollment process.

How current is the account and transaction information?

When you view your account balance, you see the current available balance, including pending and posted transactions.

Can I add more than one mobile phone?

Yes. You can enroll several mobile devices for Mobile Banking. To add a new phone, go to the Manage Devices section in your Online Banking.

What if my phone number changes?

If your mobile phone number changes, please call your local branch to have your number updated in the system.

What if my phone is lost or stolen?

If your mobile device is lost or stolen, no one can access your account without knowing your password and, in some cases, your unique username. To prevent unauthorized access to your account, you can deactivate your phone in Mobile Banking. To deactivate your mobile device, complete the How To Deactivate or Stop Using a Mobile Device section.

How do I stop using Mobile Banking on my phone?

To stop using Mobile Banking on your mobile device, complete the How To Deactivate or Stop Using a Mobile Device section.

Which phones can I use for Mobile Banking?

Hundreds of models are supported including these major brands: iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Pantech, Samsung, Sanyo, and Sony Ericsson. Phones on a number of different operating systems are supported including, but not limited, to Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Linux, Palm webOS, and Maemo.

Which mobile service carriers support Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking works on all major mobile service carriers in the U.S.: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile®, U.S. Cellular®, and Verizon Wireless. Mobile Banking also works on a number of the smaller service carriers, including, but not limited to, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Metro PCS, Pioneer Cellular, Union Wireless, and Virgin Mobile USA.

I have a prepaid plan, can I use Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking works with most prepaid plans, but we cannot guarantee that your carrier supports standard U.S. short codes. T-Mobile prepaid does not support short codes.

Do I have to agree to the Terms and Conditions to use Mobile Banking?

Yes, you must read and accept our terms and conditions.

Can I register multiple users to the same phone?

Yes, multiple users can each log in separately on the same device.

Can tablets/iPads be used?

Yes. Mobile Banking for iPad and Android tablets is available for download.

Can I opt out of Mobile Banking?

You may opt out of the program at any time. To stop using Mobile Banking on your mobile device, complete the How To Deactivate or Stop Using a Mobile Device section.

Complete the following to deactivate or stop using your mobile device:

  • Log in to your online banking account using Internet banking.
  • Click the "Options" hyperlink.
  • The Options page is displayed. Locate the Mobile Banking Profile section and click "Manage Device(s)".
  • The Main Menu page is displayed.
  • Select the "My Phones" tab. Locate the appropriate phone number, select "Stop using this phone for Mobile Banking" and then click "Go".
  • The Stop Using This Phone page is displayed.
  • Click "Yes".
  • The Main Menu page is again displayed. Close Mobile Banking to return to your online banking session.

I can't logoff the App on my Android phone, is that correct?

Correct. Once you have closed your session in the App you are automatically logged out. You will be prompted to log back in at the next time of use.

Who do I call if I have questions?

You can reach the Havre branch at 800-823-2274 between the hours of 8:00a.m. and 5:00p.m., Monday-Friday or contact your local branch.

When I click the link to download Mobile Banking nothing happens, what should I do?

Every mobile device and mobile network is different, so you may not be able to download Mobile Banking to your mobile device. If you are having trouble, contact your mobile service carrier to make sure your mobile device supports application downloads.

Is there a charge for the Mobile Banking service?

Independence Bank does not charge for this service; however, message and data rates through your carrier may apply.

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