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IB Visa® Debit Card

Your Independence Bank Visa® Debit Card allows you to make purchases directly from your checking account, without ever having to write a check. Since you pay immediately with money from your checking account you have no big bills to pay at the end of the month, no interest charges, and no late charges.


School Spirit Visa® Debit Cards

We've got spirit...and so can you!

Independence Bank School Spirit Debit Cards allow you to represent your favorite local schools and raise money for them each time you use your card. Our School Spirit Debit Cards are now available with our Instant Issue service and they are free to our customers. Replace your current debit card, or open a new checking account with IB, and select the participating school you would like to support. Independence Bank will donate 5 cents for each transaction you make using your debit card to the school represented on your card - including ATM transactions! Card holders will keep their current card number and your School Spirit Debit Card will be activated immediately. This is a great way for Independence Bank and our customers to work together to support our local public school systems.

Participating Schools:Debit Card Options

Malta Mustangs
Glasgow Scotties
Poplar Indians
Scobey Spartans
Havre Blue Ponies
Conrad Cowboys
Chinook Sugarbeeters
Dodson Coyotes
Whitewater Penguins
Saco Panthers
Rocky Boy Stars
Box Elder Bears
Opheim Vikings
Turner Tornadoes
Brockton Warriors
North Star Knights
Big Sandy Pioneers
Harlem Wildcats
Hinsdale Raiders
Nashua Porcupines
CJI Hawks
Wolf Point Wolves
Plentywood Wildcats
Shelby Coyotes
Choteau Bulldogs
North Toole County Refiners

We are proud to have Montana State University-Northern as a participating school in our School Spirit Debit Card Program.  


Instant Issue

Get your new Debit Card instantly!

Whether you are opening an account and need a debit card, or you have to replace a lost debit card, we can get a new card in your hands instantly.

You will have your debit card in your wallet in minutes with Independence Bank's Instant Issue service. All of our IB branches are now able to print debit cards in-house and on-demand. No more waiting for a new card. Convenience is key with Instant Issue! Stop into your local branch any time and walk out with an activated debit card in your hand.

Instant Issue details...

  • Receive a new or replacement card immediately!
  • All Instant Issue cards are chip-enabled
  • Choose from multiple designs.


Debit Card Text Alerts

You’ll know when we know.

Independence Bank offers Text Alerts to notify our debit card customers of suspected fraud. These alerts are immediate, so you will know what’s happening with your account as soon as we know.

You are able to opt in or opt out of text alerts. If you opt out, you will only receive fraud notifications via a phone call. If you opt in, you will receive a text the next time possible fraud is detected on your card.

Here is how it works...

1. When fraud is detected, a text will be sent to the number on file if you have opted in. (If you do not opt into text alerts, a phone call will go out as currently happens.)

2. The text will tell you a suspicious transaction for $X.XX at XXSTOREXX was done at XX:XXpm and ask if you initiated the transaction.

3. If you do not respond in 15 minutes, you will get a phone call and a voicemail message. You have 72 hours to respond.

4. If you respond that you did initiate the transaction, no action will be taken against your card.

5. If you respond that you did NOT initiate the transaction, your debit card will be locked for 24 hours until the bank is able to resolve the issue.

Questions? Please call or visit your local branch, or call 800.823.2274.  


IB Visa® Debit Card features

  • No annual or monthly fees
  • No transaction fees at Independence Bank ATMs*
  • Get cash back at selected merchants
  • Transactions are detailed on your monthly checking account statement

* ATMs not owned by Independence Bank may impose a transaction fee.

To report a lost or stolen Independence Bank Visa® Debit Card

During business hours

Contact your Independence Bank Branch

After regular business hours

Please call 800-823-2274


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